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November 27, 2010


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Screen Play by William A. Benbow and Fred D.B. Hebbert


US Copyright 1-522965341


Imagine that a 17th century British Admiral is deserted by his cowardly captains during a major battle in the West Indies.

What if this Admiral forges ahead into the battle in order to show his faint-hearted captains what duty and honour are all about?


The Benbow Mutiny is an historic adventure inspired by true events in the vein of Master and Commander and Mutiny on the Bounty.

It follows a bull-headed Admiral John Benbow and his most senior captain, the ambitious Colonel Richard Kirkby, as they manoeuvre for ascendancy in the Caribbean during a war of expansion with the French where the prize is Spanish treasure.

Problems occur when Colonel Kirkby leads a conspiracy of captains who refuse to support Admiral Benbow during a six day running battle with a French fleet.

Now they both must face the music: Benbow fights on almost single handedly until critically wounded and completely deserted by his captains. The fleet returns to Jamaica where Benbow court martials Kirkby and his supporters. However, their fate rests with the Queen who must decide whether to support Admiral Benbow or the Captains.


The Benbow Mutiny is unlike any in its genre because of its high stakes conflict between a Commander and his officers during a major battle.

Audiences will respond to the issue of duty and honour under fire in a war of questionable merit.

And they’ll love scenes such as Benbow’s battle with pirates, where the losers lose their heads.

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