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March 7, 2010


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March 2010


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Ships Journals (Public Record Office, Kew):

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Masters: Windsor – Adm. 52/311; Falmouth – Adm.52/34; Greenwich – Adm.52/40; Ruby – Adm.52/270.

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John Benbow – PCC 238, 1709.

Martha Benbow – PROB 11/589, frame 8, 1723.

Richard Kirkby – PROB 11/470, June 18, 1703.

Cooper Wade – PROB 11/470, 1703.

Thomas Hudson –PROB 11/471, 1703.

John Constable – PROB 11/571, 1719.

Warre (letter to Burchett Jan.5/1702/3): PRO.Adm.1/4088.

The Visitation of Shropshire,1623, London, Harleian Society, 1889, vol. Xxviii, p.39-40(available online e-books via University of Ohio).

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PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE AND NOTES:Katherine Dick Benbow, Linda Benbow, Robert Benbow, W.R.Benbow.

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